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The Advantage of Road Transport
As a live animal, fish transportation is a real logistical challenge.

Although Ornamental fish are delivered by air all over the globe, we believe that our offer of point-to-point road transport from our farm directly to our customers facilities is a great advantage that allows:
Cost saving (no airfreight costs)
Lower fish stress that allows shorter quarantine, if any, and improved transshipping possibilities
No customs and veterinarian charges/delays/inspections are needed (since Hungary is a member of the European Union)
Improved lead time
Reduced handling for the importer

As an example, let's take a shipment to be delivered by air - it should typically follow these steps:
Transportation from the farm to the origin airport
Customs, veterinarian, loading and delays at the airport
Unloading, customs, veterinarian
Road transport to customer facility

Conclusion: Such air transport is both much more stressful for the fish and expensive.